Kavod v'Nichum and Gamliel Institute provide resources, education, and training along the Jewish end-of-life continuum: from visiting the sick and pre-planning, to care for the body after death, to providing comfort to the mourners.
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We remember Rabbi Mel Glazer

Rabbi Melvin Glazer, congregational rabbi and grief specialist, died peacefully on April 22, 2018 – 7 Iyar 5778 at the age of 71. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Rabbi Mel earned a BA from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1974, and received a Doctor […]

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Eli Talk

Dying Jewishly ELI Living Jewishly Means Dying Jewishly Too ELI Talk by Michael Slater In much of society today, death is to be avoided at all costs – in polite company and modern medicine alike. Jewish tradition, explains Dr. Michael Slater, has a very different approach. In a talk that is part memoir, part history, […]

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