Kavod v'Nichum and Gamliel Institute provide resources, education, and training along the Jewish end-of-life continuum: from visiting the sick and pre-planning, to care for the body after death, to providing comfort to the mourners.
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Coronavirus Questions

Please send us your questions about COVID-19 and our holy work of Chevrah Kadisha, including taharah and shmirah.

We are creating a Question & Answer webpage with answers to all questions received during the Webinar.
Questions you enter here will be sent to the Webinar panel of experts and their answers
will be posted as a continuation page to this new Question and Answer webpage.

The link to the Questions and Answers page will be sent out to all who registered for the Webinar and those who enter questions here.


This page will only stay active until April 15th, 2020, so get your questions in now!


Coronavirus Questions