Kavod v'Nichum and Gamliel Institute provide resources, education, and training along the Jewish end-of-life continuum: from visiting the sick and pre-planning, to care for the body after death, to providing comfort to the mourners.
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Gamliel Institute
Taharah and Shmirah Course
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Gamliel Institute’s Course 2 – Chevrah Kadisha: Taharah and Shmirah is an in-depth study of ritual washing, liturgy, and ritual guarding, part of the work of the Holy Society. This 12 week course is open to anyone interested: experienced Taharah team members and those who have never performed a taharah, lay leaders, clergy and professionals.

Instructors: Rick Light, Rena Boroditsky, & Kerry Swartz

* Online preview session: Monday, August 14, 2017 – 8 PM EST /5 pm PST

* Online orientation session: Monday, September 4, 2017 – 8-9:30 pm EST/5-6:30 pm PST

* Twelve online regular sessions: Tuesdays, September 5 – November 21 – 8-9:30 pm EST/5-6:30 pm PST  

Course Content includes:

  • Moving stories and films about first person taharah and shmirah experiences
  • Jewish concepts of Ritual Purity – tahor and tamei
  • Traditional texts about taharah and shmirah
  • Chevrah Kadisha leadership, techniques for both community education and taharah team training
  • Developing Chevra Kadisha policy
  • Taharah liturgy, ancient and modern taharah manuals.
  • The impact of Shmirah and Taharah on the community and on the members of the Chevrah Kadisha
  • Practical aspects of Taharah, complications and team safety
  • Taharah facilities and working with funeral homes

Weekly homework includes about 3 hours of reading, forum postings, and work with a study group.

More information is at www.jewish-funerals.org – click on the link for the Gamliel Institute. Register at www.jewish-funerals.org/gamreg for Gamliel Institute Course 2.

Questions?: info@jewish-funerals.org  410-733-3700