Kavod v'Nichum and Gamliel Institute provide resources, education, and training along the Jewish end-of-life continuum: from visiting the sick and pre-planning, to care for the body after death, to providing comfort to the mourners.
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This Year’s Online Conference

The 19th Kavod v’Nichum North American Chevrah Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conference will be held as an online event June 13-16, 2021.           Register Now!       Click to See Conference Home Page

The online program includes major speakers for 8 plenary sessions and 48 workshops with outstanding teachers. All sessions will be taught through Zoom and recorded, so attendees will get to see as many sessions as desired. Some of the outstanding topics to be included this year include:

    • COVID-19 and taharah
      • Liturgy for virtual taharah
      • Getting back into the taharah room in-person
    • Pandemic challenges and nechamah – some examples:
      • inability to comfort loved ones in the hospital
      • inability to have funeral and burial as a family
      • inability to share food and comfort at shiva minyan
      • dealing with loss in pandemic times
    • Text study
    • Spiritual enhancement through kavanah
    • Cemetery and funeral home tracks
    • Self-care in challenging times
    • Connecting to our ancestors
      • History of Chevrah Kadisha
      • Pictorial history of funeral homes
      • History of Jewish cemeteries
    • New understandings of taharah liturgy
    • Intro-level workshops for those unfamiliar with Jewish practices at the end of life


Click here to see the preliminary online conference program


The conference will take place online from June 13-16, 2021, Sunday through Wednesday, with daily plenary and workshop sessions, informal schmoozing, and even opportunities for poster sessions and “evening-like” programming. We’re excited about the amazing teachers who will be sharing their wisdom!

Plenary Sessions

The program includes eight plenary sessions in which particularly relevant topics are presented and discussed with the entire conference attendance. Our plenary speakers are well known rabbis, educators, and teams of panelists who elucidate the topics at hand with sensitivity and wisdom. This year’s plenaries include such topics as:

  • Future Directions and Challenges
  • Our Remarkable Stories
  • The New Normal
  • Chevrah Kadisha Policy as the Foundation for Community and the Future
  • “When My Soul Was in the Lost-and-Found” – Reclaiming That Which Covid-19 has Claimed

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Workshop Sessions

Workshops are the meat of the conference and are offered in clusters of up to six simultaneous workshops, related to six tracks (main topics).  Each day includes two workshop time-slots, or up to 48 workshops over the four days of the conference. Each workshop is independent and will be in its own Zoom room. Each workshop instructor has the option of providing handouts, which we will post as PDF files for attendees to download or view online. The workshops range through relevant topics in basics, taharah, Chevrah Kadisha, cemetery, liturgy, and mourning and grief. The instructors include a wide range of experienced teachers, all of whom are outstanding in their topic area, along with their abilities to teach and interact with students.

Poster Sessions – Got An Idea? A New Book? Some Artwork? Share it!
A Report From Your Chevrah? Juicy Topic? Lead a Discussion!

We want to learn from you. The conference program includes special times for innovations to be presented as “posters”. Normally, posters are displayed on easels around a hall, with dedicated times when authors can present and discuss their materials with attendees.  In our online format, we will post authors’ materials as PDF files for attendees to view and consider throughout the conference and beyond, with dedicated Zoom sessions for authors to discuss and present their ideas.

Posters can be mini-lectures, discussion groups, sharing of new books or artwork, new ideas or research, follow-ons to workshop sessions, or anything else relevant to our conference suite of topics.

If you want to present your ideas, books, articles, or artwork as a poster at the conference, please be sure to fill in the Poster Session section of the registration form, so we can include your work in the schedule and post your materials accordingly.

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Conference Registration – Register NOW!

Choose your conference registration:

    • Full Conference Registration – access to all sessions
    • Come-N-Go Registration – partial conference participation – attending fewer than half of the sessions (honor system)
    • Chevrah group rate three or more members from the same chevrah receive a 20% discount
    • Clergy rate – rabbis and cantors receive a 20% discount                             

                                           Full Conference       Come-N-Go
                                             Registration           Registration

Advance – March                $200                          $125

Early – April                         $235                           $150

Regular – May                     $270                           $175

Late – June                           $295                           $195



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