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Home  »  2012 Chevra Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conference – Chevra Kadisha Track Workshops

A Sampling of Workshops Includes:

Chevra Kadisha Organizing, Training and Education. How do you build community support? What is the role of the clergy? What are the differences between community based and synagogue based. What services does the Chevra Kadisha provide? What kind of ongoing training is provided? Recognizing organizing opportunities.

Experiences in Different Communities in the United States and Canada

How the Chevra Kadisha works in South Africa, England and Australia

The Los Angles Chevra Kadisha Scene – Orthodox, Conservative and Developing Chevra Kadisha groups. What is unique about Los Angeles?

Community Education about Traditional Practices for Unaffiliated Jews. How can we build alliances between denominations? What is the role of the Federation and Jewish Family Services? What is the best way to involve the local Jewish newspaper?

Maavar Yabbok – Text Study. Blending practical advice with Kabbalistic references, this text from 1626 provides the underpinning for Chevra Kadisha work.

Ethical Wills – How to relate important life experiences and pass on your values to future generations. Learn how to write or record an ethical will and then begin yours. Develop the skills so that you can teach others to create their own.