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Jewish Funeral Practices Committee Of Greater Washington, Inc

Agreement (edited) Between JFPCGW & Jefferson Funeral Chapel

For 7/1/09 Through 6/30/12 With Options Through 6/30/14

This contract is made between the Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington, Inc. “JFPCGW,” and Jefferson Funeral Chapel Inc., with premises at 5755 Castlewellan Drive, Alexandria VA 22315, hereinafter called the “Funeral Director” or FD, for the period 7/1/09 through 6/30/14.

FD understands that JFPCGW’s primary purpose is to permit and encourage congregations to honor their dead by taking the lead in ritual activities and in protecting and comforting the mourners, and to follow the Jewish values of quick burial, and simplicity and equality in death. FD agrees to cooperate to further those purposes.

FD agrees to provide any Jewish congregation or its members, or family members of its members,

§       a funeral service at any Washington area cemetery for $2,649,

§       a funeral service at a synagogue and then a cemetery burial service for $3,149, or

§       a funeral service in the funeral home and then a cemetery burial service for $3,304.

If FD performs only removal from place of death, storage under refrigeration, and securing necessary paperwork in preparation for pick-up by another funeral director, the price will be $690.

The funeral is provided as a package. There will be no credit for services or merchandise provided above which are not taken by the patron, except as specified in this contract. Any merchandise not included or optioned in this agreement may be charged at FD’s then current General Price List, reduced by then package list value of such merchandise as it replaces. In no event will there be a separate charge for professional services.

Beginning 7/1/10, the price may be increased $100 per year. Also, once each year, the price may be increased to pass through a wholesale price increase in the casket to FD. (For state taxing purposes, the following values are assigned: Flat top pine casket $395, register book $19, fifty acknowledgment cards $28, ritual candle $14.) Other prices not otherwise covered by this Agreement shall be assessed to the customer at the FD’s then existing General Price List.

The FD shall not bill the family for its services until the ritual sheloshim period (30 days from burial) has been completed, although it may require advance payment of substantial cash advance items. Payment may be by personal check, credit card, cash, or life insurance assignment.

The following are included in the above prices:

1. Twenty-four hour, seven day on call service to receive phone calls and provide staff to remove the body from the place of death and for immediate arrangements.

2. Preparing and securing death certificate at doctor’s time and place of convenience, securing burial transit permit, notifying Social Security Administration, Applying for Veterans Benefits, and placing newspaper notices. This does not include the additional charges for those items made by the newspapers, or the fees for the certified copies of the death certificate, which shall be passed on to the customer.

3. Refrigeration of the body for first seven days following death. Thereafter a fee will apply at $2 per hour.

4. Use of the FD’s premises, 24/7, for tahara and shmira. FD will provide all customary utilities, equipment and supplies, as it has heretofore, including muslin shroud sets, Israeli earth and clay, and protective clothing. FD will provide a shomer area adjacent to the tahara room with telephone and rest room.

5. Bathing, dressing and casketing the body when ritual washing is not performed.

6. Providing funeral director and staff assistant for funeral services.

7. All wood pine rectangular casket, guest register book, acknowledgment cards and shiva candle.

8. Vehicles necessary for funeral service –  removal vehicle, vehicle to doctor’s office, hearse to cemetery and vehicle to local health department.

Items available at additional cost

9. Cash advance items in which FD pays third parties, such as:

newspaper notices

air fares

a required funeral director for an out of state graveside service

certified copies of the death certificate,

10. Limousines:

$390 per six passenger for four hours

$590 per ten passenger for four hours.

$75 per 1/2 hour after four hours.

After 7/1/10, Limo costs may be adjusted once each year to pass through price increases by the limo contractor.

11. Additional transportation fees not included in the funeral prices:

(a) Locally, any transportation of the body beyond 40 miles of the Washington Beltway, $3.50 per mile one-way.

(b) Transportation to a Pennsylvania location, $800.

(c) Transportation to a New Jersey location, $1000.

(d) Transportation to New York City, $1200.

10. Air tray, if needed, $220.

11. Burial merchandise:

Grave liner $895

Bronze memorial markers including installation, granite base, names and dates:

For one, 24″ x 14″ $1990;

For two, 44″ x 14″ $2695,

Additional costs for vase or added inscription.

12. Funeral director travel to a residence or other place to make funeral arrangements, $300.

A family member shall not be required to go to the funeral home for arrangements where messenger service can be used to complete them.  Should a family member go to the funeral home for arrangements, no effort shall be made to sell him/her additional merchandise.

FD will furnish JFPCGW quarterly statistics showing numbers of funerals performed and pre-need contracts made. Reports will be submitted by FD by the 15th day of the succeeding month. For those customers granting FD permission, FD will also provide the name of the congregation involved and the invoice price. If a customer does not grant permission, FD shall not disclose information about the contract.