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Rest in Peace in Israel provides Jewish funeral and burial services in Israel at small Kibbutz cemeteries.

Kibbutz Beit-Zera
15135, D.N. Jordan Valley 

Application for a Permit to Transfer a Body to Israel



Burial in Jerusalem: The Har Menuchos Cemetery – History of Jerusalem Chevra Kadishas and Cemeteries:
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Architects help solve the burial-space crunch in Israel

Multilevel Burial Plot

A Place to Wait for the Messiah: Cemetery Architecture by Uri Ponger and Tuvia Sagiv

Israel’s burial crisis and the afterlife

ITIM – Burial and Mourning in Israel

Israel Religious Action Center – Burial


Shema Yisrael
732- 370-3344
Guidelines on the Receiving and Shipping of Human Remains Eretz Hahayim in Beit Shemesh near Jerusalem going towards Tel Aviv    Progressive Judaism in Israel – Burial and Memorial Services

Maalin b’Kodesh
3803 14th
Brooklyn, NY

Har Hamenuhot – $7,250
Har Haze’atim – $8,250
Eretz Hahayim – $5,700

Ziegler – all metal sealable container for airline shipping

Israel Shipper – zinc lined wooden casket also suitable for airline shipping –

Har Hamnuchot – Mount of Rest



Menucha Nechona

Kfar Sava gets its own civil cemetery Jun 10, 2009

Jerusalem to build city’s first non-Orthodox secular burial site Jan 31, 2009

In Israel, non-Orthodox Jews get few funeral, burial options Jun 8, 2001

Breaking the Burial Monopoly – Feb 11, 1999

Orthodox Union


Orthodox Union Contract Parkside
877-LEVAYA-OU (877-538-2926)

Tahara certificate signed by Rabbi in Hebrew

Letter of non-communicable disease – at the time of the death of xxx, there were no communicable diseases of epidemic proportion in the city of xxx

Har Haze’atim – Mount of Olives 

The Right to Inscribe Non-Hebrew Characters on Tombstones

Alphabet Inscriptions on Ancient Jewish Graves



Achuzat Kever



Air shipping tray is a pallet frame that allows a fork lift to pick up the casket – not required Chevra Kadisha in Israel Reporting of the Dolphinarium Tragedy The Mountain of Losses – Yehudit Hendel

 Sholom Chapel Mortuaries


Bayit container – house-like cover to address the issue of a Cohain on the plane; however there are rulings that the cargo compartment is a ” separate house”

The Desecration of Graves in Eretz Yisrael: The Struggle to Honor the Dead and Preserve Our Historical LegacyRabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz



A Culture of Endless Mourning – Hamutal Bar-Yosef