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Greetings David et al,

Thank you again for a wonderful Conference. I previously completed the survey . However I did not find a place to add this info:

I thought that the guest speakers were terrific. (I realize these are locality-driven, so might not be available resources for other conferences, but hope the type and style could potentially be replicated elsewhere.) Not sure if I could “rank” them, but here are some of my favorites and why:

  • Rabbi Jason Weiner – his experiences at Cedars-Sinai were not only interesting for the insight he provided into the family’s and the patient’s coping (or lack) mechanisms and behavior; but his anecdotes were substantive and even amusing
  • Rob Eshman – really got us laughing; he was entertaining and very informative in re contemporary methods of communication, publicity, providing concrete direction. This was a fun, amusing, yet valuable presentation
  • Rabbi Wolpe and Craig Taubman – always interesting, entertaining, inspiring. (Since I am in So Cal, I get to hear Rabbi Wolpe from time to time and always come away with a useful nugget.) Enjoyed Rabbi W’s insight and practical advice. [In fact, I quoted a story he told for an article* I wrote for a local online publication.] Both were very moving and a nice way to welcome folks and set the tone of the conference.
  • Rabbi Elliot Dorff – appreciate the depth of his experience, knowledge and insight (with a bit of practicality) into Halacha (for example here, on cremation and green burial, etc.)
  • Reb Mimi Feigelson – [“Psycho-Spiritual Preparation for Shiva: Observations of a Rebellious Daughter] generously “exposed” herself by sharing very personal, sensitive and touching personal perspective and provided a great deal of insight [sorry to keep using this word, but it applies] into the feelings, mindset and perspective of the mourner
  • I know it was there in part as an advertisement for Julie Cohen’s Gazelle Woodworks, but I loved the opportunity the casket-in-the-room provided for speakers to reference it in their talks.


*On request from the editor, prompted by the article Susan Barnes wrote in which she quoted me; just sent it yesterday, so it is not yet published; will let you know when [if?] it is


Thanks again. Perhaps I’ll get to Philadelphia (my home town) next year. If not, I still appreciate the opportunity to meet folks doing important work for the Jewish Community and thank you again for your offer of resources and assistance.


Shabbat Shalom,

Wendy Lupul

Laguna Niguel, CA