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Course 1: Chevrah Kadisha: Origins and Evolution

This course traces the evolution of Chevrah Kadisha practice and the chevrah’s role in the community from early times, through the standard of practice in Medieval Europe, and into the changes that took place in the transition to the Western Hemisphere and modern times. Each topic in this course is enhanced by text study related to the specific time period being discussed.


Topic areas include:

                        • Introduction to Chevrah Kadisha
                        • Textual foundations and developments
                        • Historical evolution of this work
                          • Biblical and Talmudic to Europe
                          • Europe to North America
                          • North America pre-1960
                          • North America post-1960
                          • North America pre-1975 Models
                          • North America post-1975 Models
                          • Recent decades
                        • Meit mitzvah historically and today
                        • The larger community today
                        • Disasters and the Chevrah Kadisha
                        • Future directions, challenges and opportunities


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Upcoming Course 1 Schedule

Course 1 Class ScheduleTuesdays, January 4th through March 22nd, 2022, 8:00pm – 9:30pm EDT, 5:00pm – 6:30pm PDT

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