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Course 7: Independent Study: Student Projects

Registration for this course requires students to submit a proposal for a project with their intent to register.  Submit your project proposal through this form. Upon acceptance of a project proposal, students must then register for Course 7 here

The focus of Course 7 is to assist students in conceptualizing, developing, and completing projects related to Chevrah Kadisha work. The projects may involve organizing or education, as well as more academic pursuits. These projects are intended to serve two primary goals: (a) improving students’ leadership skills and/or knowledge, and (b) creating contributions and resources for others in the field. The basic Chevrah Kadisha concepts that underlie these projects are embedded in individual Gamliel courses. These ideas are expanded upon in Course 3, which includes “exploration papers” designed to help students begin thinking about the nature of the projects they want to do in their own communities, or as general contributions, and possible project goals. Project proposals are not limited to the areas of the exploration papers.

Many of the projects that have already been completed and accepted are listed online here.  Students are encouraged to look at these samples to get an idea of the range of possibilities.

This course is an optional independent study opportunity to support students who want to create a contribution to the field of Jewish end-of-life work.  Student projects may involve various aspects of Chevrah Kadisha work, including books, music, art, organizing and education, as well as more academic pursuits. Projects have two primary goals: (a) to improve students’ leadership skills and/or knowledge, and (b) to serve as contributions/resources for others in the field.

Note that this course is offered asynchronously – that is, it is an independent study managed and scheduled by the student.  Students will be assigned an advisor to help them focus their work and to help with decisions along the way, but the management of the project is entirely up to the student.

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