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Funeral Consumers Alliance
Dedicated to a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.    Filed a lawsuit in federal court in California seeking to stop the country’s three largest funeral homes chains and the nation’s largest casket maker) Service Corporation International, Alderwoods Group, Inc., Stewart Enterprises, Inc., and Batesville Casket Company) from shutting out competition and fixing casket prices at artificially high levels.


Funeral Ethics Organization
Promotes ethical dealings in all death-related transactions by working for better understanding of ethical issues among funeral, cemetery, memorial industry practitioners, law enforcement, organ procurement organizations, and state agencies, as well as better understanding between these and the general public.

Interfaith Funeral Information Committee

“…an OVERVIEW of the funeral industry’s unjust prices and tactics – and the suffering inflicted on families by your neighborhood mortuaries.”

Funeral Ethics Association
“Promotes and advances the ethical practice of funeral service – a balanced forum for resolving misunderstandings and to elevate the importance of ethical practices in all matters related to funeral service.”
Sample Exam


“After you have read the ‘Manual of Professional Practice’ and the ethics segments, you will have reinforced your ethical decision making abilities and will be ready to participate in the game portion of ‘Undertaking Ethics’. Sample case studies require you to evaluate and choose the best solution among four choices.”

Undertaking Ethics – Manual of Professional Practice

of the Funeral Ethics Association

published by the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions

“In the United States, where Judeo-Christian tradition has fostered respect for the human dead and considerations of public health require protection of the living against infection or contagion, the direction of funerals and the disposition of human remains is entrusted to a specialized group: funeral directors.”