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Final Kindness: Honoring K’rovei Yisrael

Burial Preparation for Non-Jews Who Are Part of the Jewish Community

By Richard A. Light

In today’s modern Jewish society we are faced with an increasing number of interfaith families in which one spouse is Jewish and the other is not. When the Jewish spouse requests that their non-Jewish loved-one be buried as a Jew, a dilemma arises. How does one prepare a non-Jew for burial using Jewish traditions?

Many chevrot and synagogues simply deny the request, stating that Jewish practices are for Jews only. Yet with so many families now expressing interest in this, it is time to create such a ritual. This book is the first of its kind in the field of Jewish death rituals and extends the scope of the current Jewish umbrella under which our dead are respectfully prepared for burial.

This book creates a taharah-like ritual, based on Jewish tradition, structured and organized to honor and respect the dignity of the dead, but which is devoid of Jewish-specific liturgy.  Hence it is specifically appropriate for non-Jews and supports the need to honor non-Jews who are part of the Jewish community.


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