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U.S. Federal Trade Commission – Complying With the Funeral Rule

3. Religious Groups and Memorial Societies


“Some funeral providers enter into agreements with religious groups, burial societies, or memorial societies to arrange funerals for their members at special prices.

“You [the funeral home] are free to enter into such arrangements, but you must still comply with the Rule’s requirements. You must provide price lists to representatives of these groups when they inquire about funeral arrangements on behalf of their members. In addition, if an individual group member inquires in-person about funeral arrangements, you must provide the individual with your price lists. Even if a member chooses a package available only to society members, the member must have the opportunity to look at your price lists.

“You can either have separate price lists for qualifying members or include such prices on your regular price lists.”

Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington Washington, DC Area Hines Rinaldi
Cunningham Turch
$1,995; $2,020 2016

Levaya of the
Orthodox Union

New York, NY  






Jewish War Veterans

Washington, DC Torchinsky $1,600 2003

Park Slope Jewish Center Simple Funeral Plan

Brooklyn, NY Shomrei HaChomos
$1,950 2011

New York Burial Society

New York, NY

Jewish Burial Society Funeral Plan

Chicago, IL   $4,225  ?
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism – Midwest Region Funeral Plan
Chicago, IL   $3,235-4,000