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Educational Program Catalog

Gamliel Institute Core Curriculum Courses

The centerpiece of the Gamliel Institute is a six-semester certification program employing a variety of distance-learning formats. Our core courses focus on five major areas: Chevrah Kadisha history, taharah and shmirah, education and training strategies, nechamah, and ritual and liturgy. These in-depth courses provide a foundation for local community leadership and education and starting, managing, and training local Chevrot Kadisha, through inspiring and stimulating explorations of all aspects of Jewish practices toward the end of life.  Learn more …

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Taste of Gamliel Lecture Series
and Text Study

Offering ongoing opportunities to explore many different topics throughout the year, the Taste of Gamliel Lecture Series offerings provide a broad range of topics taught by instructors chosen for their reputation as experts in their field, subject knowledge and teaching abilities. These courses are presented in one to four 90-minute sessions centered around a specific topic. Each month’s schedule includes a limited number of sessions tailored to the specific courses being  offered.

Sometimes there are topics that call us to spend more time with them. Ongoing weekly study and discussion sessions allow students and instructors to meet and discuss topics over an extended period of time, usually offered in 10-12 week blocks.  The topics included vary according to demand, availability of instructors, and our changing times.  Learn more …

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Gamliel Institute Faculty and Staff

The Institute is blessed to have outstanding personnel involved in all aspects of creating, publicizing, teaching, expanding, and maintaining our curriculum and various kinds of course offerings. The Gamliel Institute is operated as the central educational arm of Kavod v’Nichum. Our faculty and staff come from many different backgrounds, geographic locations, and Jewish denominations, providing a broad range of perspectives.  Read more about our amazing staff and teaching faculty …

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The holy work of Jewish practices around the end of life can be summarized as “respectful kindness” – chesed shel emet, loving kindness given to those who cannot thank us. Every human being deserves respect, and those who are dying, mourning, or even those who have transitioned to the next world deserve kindness. Kavod v’Nichum has been providing resources, education, training, and mentoring to communities all over North America for the past 25 years.  To continue to do this work, Kavod and the Gamliel Institute need your financial support.   Learn more …

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