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First ‘green’ Jewish cemetery opens

‘Today is about forever’: 1st green Jewish cemetery opens

Gan Yarok– California Pictures at a Green Burial:


Procession to Service

Lowering Casket


Ohio ‘green’ cemetery the graveyard of future? Foxfield Preserve – Ohio Forest of Memories – Resources and Information Supporting Green Burial in North America
Green graves give back to nature Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve – Florida Natural Death Centre – England
Brothers Propose Green Burial Cemetery

Brothers Call Green Burial Eco-Friendly

Conservation Burial – Definition and Standards

Memorial Ecosystems – South Carolina North American Woodland Burial Society
The Green Reaper Greensprings Cemetery offers natural choice Tiffany Smith of San Francisco – will finish an MBA in Environmental Entrepreneurship in May 2003 with a focus on ways to eliminate toxins, preserve open space, and bring people closer to the natural world by transforming burial and cremation trends – reduction of all hazardous methods of dealing with death, not just in the realm of ecosystems health but in the realm of air quality as well psychological health.
The Impact of Cemeteries on the Environment and Public Health Green Burial Park on Vancouver Island, BC
Green Graveyards-A Natural Way to Go Green’ cemetery proposed by Penobscot River in Orrington, Maine David Schroeder‘s master’s thesis is on ecologically sustainable cemeteries. Schroeder says embalming is a hazard because toxic fluids can leak from graves and pollute ground water. Schroeder, owner of Evolving Landscapes, and Horticulturist Amanda Martin of AJM Environmental discuss native landscaping, permaculture, horticulture, hydroponics, aquaculture and cemetery burial grounds incorporated into natural preserve cemeteries.
Exploring Jewish Reasons for Ground Burial – An Alphabetic Acrostic Greening your final arrangements – Real Money – July/August 2003 – Terri Clark


Greening your final arrangements – Real Money – July/August 2008 – Joelle Novey