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Immediate Help

When There’s A Death

When death visits, it’s okay to ask for help. There are many ways to get help, of course, and here we offer just a subset of what’s available. For most people, contacting your local clergy is the first and most accessible means for help. They can usually guide you to others if they cannot provide what you need. In addition, Kavod v’Nichum can help as well. Please see the When There’s A Death page for more details on what to do when dealing with a death.

If no local rabbi is available, and you need immediate help, you can call Kavod v’Nichum. We have knowledgeable staff who can help on the phone, arrange an ongoing mentoring partnership, or get you in touch with others who are trained in the specific areas of your need. Please call the number below.

Phone Consultation

Please feel free to contact us for guidance by phone, 410-733-3700. We have staff versed in all aspects of Jewish death-related practices who can help.

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If you wish to have a supportive guide as you navigate end-of-life issues, we can provide a mentor from our staff who can help. Our mentoring services are a combination of education and guidance to support your path to self-reliance. Call the number above.

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