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You are invited to help us maintain the Kavod v’Nichum website!  This is easy work through which you get the chance to learn more about our website, expand your learning in the arena of Jewish death practices, and help make our web presence more solid, ergonomic, and easy to use.

When:  Sunday, Feb 23, 2014

8:00am-noon PDT, 9:00am-1:00pm MDT, 10:00-2:00pm CDT, 11:00-3:00pm EDT

What:  A Webex session coordinating a few of us reviewing and fixing specific areas of our website.  Basic areas of concentration will be the following:

  • Reviewing the Topic Index
    • Making sure we have appropriate listings there
    • Making sure each listing is linked to a content page
    • Creating new content pages as needed and then installing the links to them
  • Reviewing the main menu bar and submenus for completeness and accuracy
    • Making sure it is easy to find all of our main topics:

§  Jewish death practices in general

§  Jewish burial and mourning practices

§  Chevra Kadisha practices

§  Chevra Kadisha organization

§  Tahara manuals

§  Tahara trainings

§  Tahara liturgy

§  Funeral homes – issues and ideas

§  Conferences – past, current year, registration, FAQ

§  Gamliel – overview, current curriculum, registration, contact info

§  General questions – searches, and our hot-line for getting answers quickly

§  Community educational support

  • Reviewing “My Question Is…” for completeness
    • Add “Traditional Jewish Burial Practices” to the list
    • Add others as desired
    • Be sure links are accurate and complete

Who: Gamliel students and Kavod v’Nichum participants.

Where:   Gamliel Webex  site (link to be sent out to participants) and jewish-funerals.org

How:  The following is the basic organizational arrangement:

1.       You reply to this email indicating you want to help.

2.       Rick and David will assign you an area of the website on which to concentrate, with specific directions as to what to do in that area.

3.       When you come up with fixes, you tell David via the Webex session that you have a change and either email or chat the fix to him.  He coordinates the installation of changes.

4.       Both Rick and David will be available to help and guide as needed through out the 4 hours of our work together.

Reward:  Heavy duty Mitzvah points.