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Traditions, Stories, Date Calculators and Art  – 22 articles

Putting Stones on Graves


11 articles explaining the custom


Harold Schulweis

28 poems and 21 sermons

A Time to Grieve, A Time to Teach


Dr. Joshua Elkin

Eight value concepts: 1) the reality of death; 2) respect for the dead; 3) equality; 4) simplicity; 5) the venting of emotions openly and fully; 6) communal responsibility and support; 7) affirmation of life; and 8) remembrance. See the full thesis

Funerals require we find honor, dignity in everyone

September 4, 1998

Rabbai Chaim Steinmetz

There is something special, even uplifting, about funerals, … a certain spiritual feeling pulsating underneath all the grief and pain and tears.

Jewish Customs of Mourning


Rabbi Tom Louchheim

General Overview

Taking Out the Torah at a Funeral

December 30, 1999

Arlene Schuster

A new custom revived

The Jewish Life Cycle: Death

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman

Honoring the Dead and Death as a Natural Process

Good Grief

Rabbi Kenneth L. Cohen

“…if there is something miraculous about life coming into existence, certainly the same holds true for death.”

Kee Tetze: On the dignity of the human body in death

September 4, 1998

Rabbi Eliezer Finkelman

In punishing criminals, in conducting funerals, in medical research

A Year and a Day: Kaddish

Ronnie Caplane

The experience of saying Kaddish

Shiva: Seven Days of Mourning


Anita Diamant

Seven-day mourning period which begins immediately after the funeral is based on the Hebrew word for seven. From Saying Kaddish

Traditional mourning, burial rites focus on dignity

June 5, 1998

Lisa Klug

Overview of traditional rituals. From Blu Greenberg’s 1983 book – How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household 

Guide to Jewish Funeral Practice

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism


Jewish Mourning


Detailed overview from an Orthodox perspective

Temple Israel Ritual Committee


Description of Bereavement Support Group, “Bikur Cholim, and Funeral Arrangements

Life, Death and Mourning

From Judaism 101 – created, written and maintained by Tracey Rich.

which is similar to Judaism 101, but according to Mishneh Torah, not latter-day customs)

Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt – The Funeral

Ohr Somayach

A LusaWeb Comunidade Project


Rituals and Practices of the secret Portugal Jews

Jewish Funeral and Mourning Customs


Jewish Deaf Community Center in Southern California

The Visit

Marlene Adler Marks

Mourning Costumes and Religion



Kaddish – Who Chants / Who Stands?


Discussion based on Talmud sources

Holidays & Observances – On Death and Mourning


Overview of traditions with biblical citations

Reclaiming the Mourner’s Path

Anne Brener

Author of Mourning and Mitzvah

Unveiling of the Monument for Herman Ehudin


Drawn from numerous sources

Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice

Rabbi Dr. Goldie Milgram

Funeral and Unveiling Prayers with a spiritual English translation

Unveiling Service from Death and Bereavement – A Halakhic Guide 

Rabbi Abner Weiss