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A Blessing at the End – Profound Service of Groups That Help With End-of-Life Rituals – Jewish Forward – Leonard Fein – Oct 27, 2012

What do Blu Greenberg, Joy Ladin and Leonard Fein have in common? –  Religious and Reform Blog – Susan Barnes – June 12, 2013

Death as a Constant Part of Life –  Philadelpia Jewish Exponent – Bryan Schwartzman – June 12, 2013

There Is No Death – The Kind of Consolation That Provides True Catharsis – Jewish Forward – Leonard FeinJun 15, 2013

Unlikely Radicals Take Aim at Corporate Jewish Burial Business – Burial Societies Hope To Reclaim Ritual From Funeral Homes – Jewish Forward – Josh Nathan-Kazis – June 16, 2013

Attention Forward: We Aren’t That Radical – Religious and Reform Blog – Susan Barnes – June 19, 2013

Rabbi Daniel Wasserman response – more from Rabbi Wasserman and his lawyer, Efrem Grail

Michael Slater and the Kavod v’Nichum Board response – more at the Jewish-funerals list discussion

Conversation at the Jewish-funerals list discusson