Kavod v'Nichum and Gamliel Institute provide resources, education, and training along the Jewish end-of-life continuum: from visiting the sick and pre-planning, to care for the body after death, to providing comfort to the mourners.
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Online Conference Home Page
18th Annual Kavod v’Nichum North American

Chevrah Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conference
June 7-10, 2020 Online 

See Conference Menu at Left                                          Our Thanks to the Organizers

We suggest you leave this page open in a browser window for the duration of the conference for easy reference.


Conference Program

The program is a PDF file with hyperlinks for each session.

Zoom Help

Learn about different ways to connect to the conference.


Conference Bookstore

Shop for books, artwork, and other items with proceeds going to the authors and artists.

Conference Feedback

Please give us feedback on your experience with this year’s online event.


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Conference Help

At any time during the conference, call these help lines to get assistance in finding sessions, using Zoom, understanding the conference structure, or other questions. If a number is not answered, just try the next number. Someone will be on-call throughout the conference.

Conference help line numbers:

    • 510-908-2097
    • 831-685-9382
    • 505-412-3976
    • 410-733-3700


Using Zoom to Attend the Conference

Help Topics:

Zoom Introduction

The entire conference will be online. You can only access the sessions through Zoom. Zoom is like Skype and other conference calling programs, but it allows you to see the presenter’s audio and video through your computer (or phone). Zoom also gives the host the ability to mute and unmute everyone’s microphone. Muting so we can eliminate background noise and unmuting so you can comment or ask questions. For information on getting a Zoom account, click here.

We hope you’ll share your camera video so we can see you too. Conference dress is informal and eating and drinking is encouraged. Awards will be given for the best outfit.

For some sessions we’ll be using breakout rooms. At a point in the regular session, we’ll announce that we’re going into breakout rooms. You’ll see a message to join the breakout, and then you’ll be in a room with just a few people.

Most important. If you are not familiar with Zoom, test your system early. If you can’t connect, get stuck, or have any zoom problems, call one of our hotline numbers and a friendly operator (Kavod or Gamliel staff person) will be glad to help you.

Connecting to Zoom with a Computer (or a laptop or tablet)

        1. Click on Conference Program (here or above) and then scroll down to the next page.
        2. You should now see the multi-colored 2020 Conference Online Program.
        3. In each box the session title, speaker, and Zoom classroom are listed. Click on this text to get to session information (including the Zoom link for that session).
        4. You will arrive at the session details page.
        5. Click on the button at the top left of this page to connect to the Zoom meeting room for that session.
Note: Clicking on the link in the button will load Zoom in the current browser tab or window.
Right-Click on the link to open the Zoom room in a new tab or window.


The button looks like this:


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Connecting to Zoom with a Smart Phone

Using an internet browser on your phone (like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer)  – Note: using the Zoom app on your phone is much easier to use (see below).

        1. Click on Conference Program (here or above) and then scroll down to the next page.
        2. You should now see the multi-colored 2020 Conference Online Program.
        3. In each box the session title, speaker, and Zoom room are listed. Click on this text to get to the Zoom link for that session.
        4. You will arrive at the details page.
        5. Click on the button at the top left of this page to connect to the Zoom meeting room for that session. (See button above)


Using the Zoom App on your phone:

        1. Use your smartphone to go to the app store and download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” (it’s free)
        2. Open the app and login or create a free account and login
        3. Click “Join a Meeting”
        4. Enter the zoom room number of the session you wish to attend from the Session Index.


Calling in using your phone: (Connect by phone using only audio, you won’t be able to see any visual presentations.)

        1. Dial one of the phone numbers below and
        2. Enter the zoom number of the session you wish to attend from the Session Index.

Click here to see the Session Index to find the zoom room numbers.

    • Telephone: Dial into the conference selecting a phone number near your location:
      312 626 6799 US (Chicago) 647 374 4685 Canada (Toronto)
      646 558 8656 US (New York) 647 558 0588 Canada (Toronto)
      346 248 7799 US (Houston) 778 907 2071 Canada (Vancouver)
      669 900 6833 US (San Jose) 438 809 7799 Canada (Montreal)
      253 215 8782 US (Seattle) 587 328 1099 Canada (Calgary)
      301 715 8592 US (Maryland) 972 55 330 1762 Israel
      972 3 978 6688 Israel (Tel Aviv)


      Using Zoom while You are in a Meeting

          • Click here for a Zoom Quick Reference Guide
          • You can choose to show the speaker only (Speaker View) or up to 25 small pictures of those in the session (Gallery View). You can move between these views by clicking on the words in the upper right corner of your window, Speaker View or Gallery View. If there are more than 25 pictures, you can move to the right or left to see more attendees by clicking on the big arrows on the sides of your screen.
          • Also in the top right of your screen you can choose enter or exit full screen. Clicking escape (esc key) also moves you back to a smaller window.
          • When you move the mouse into the Zoom window, you will see some icons across the bottom of your screen.
            • On the left is the icon for a microphone and next to that one for a camera. These allow you to turn on and off your audio and video, respectively.
            • Next to each of these icons is a small carrot (^), clicking on which will give you the settings for your audio and video – things like volume control, which microphone to use, which speaker to use, etc.
            • When people ask you to “mute” or “unmute” yourself, they mean to click on the audio icon to disable and re-enable your microphone, as needed. It is considered good etiquette to keep yourself muted unless you have something to say, so as to minimize background noise on the call.
            • Further to the right of the video icon is one called “Chat” which shows you a small area in which participants can chat with each other or the entire group.
            • On the far right is a box that says “Leave” which is the button to push to exit the session and terminate your Zoom connection for this class.
          • When the host is sharing their screen the icons will move to the top of the screen.


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      Access to Conference Recordings

Conference attendees who paid full price for the conference receive access to all the session recordings. Those who paid less than full price for conference registration price receive access if they “upgrade” for $72 (via the Recording Registration Page, using the discount code sent via email). All full-conference registrants should have received an email with recording access information.

If you wish to share these recordings with your Chevrah Kadisha, read below. If you did not attend the conference and wish to view the recordings, simply register through the Recording Registration Page for access.

It is important to share the conference recordings with members of your Chevrah Kadisha. This is especially true if your chevrah covered your costs.

In an attempt to balance fairness with accessibility, we have developed the following approach.

        1. Recordings are for the use of the person who purchased them. We ask that you do not share the email with instructions and password that was sent to you describing access to recordings.
        2. Recordings can be played and shared in a Zoom session, where the recording purchaser plays the recording for chevrah members via the Zoom call.
        3. Recording purchasers who want to share actual recording files with their Chevrah Kadisha members should complete a Recording Sharing Request formWe will work with you to arrive at a fair way to share the recordings.



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