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Gamliel Institute – Suggested Project List
  Text study/text survey
    Do animals have souls – pet loss and remembrance (Oholoth 1.6
    Translation of portions of Gesher HaChayim
    Translation of taharah manual into Spanish
     Annotated database of Chevrah Kadisha groups
    Compilation and comparison of Jewish Cemetery by-laws and rules
    Analysis of state laws regarding home funerals
    Rules and suggestions for burial at military cemeteries
    Creating a series of Chevrah Kadisha drashot on various weekly Torah portion
    Historical development of the aron
    Annotated bibliography of books in Simcha Raphael library in Philadelphia
    History of the evolution of tachrichim
    Evolution of taharah minhagim
    Evolution of a taharah prayer
    Comparison of Sephardic and Ashkenazic minhagim
    History of the traditional prohibition of cremation
    History of Jewish burial practices
    Creating a modern artistic rendition of the red heifer ritual
    Put the taharah liturgy to music
    Develop and deliver a Chevrah Kadisha training program
    Organize a Bikur Cholim caring community
    Develop a funeral home or cemetery contract
    Conduct a price comparison and analyze the results of funerals and cemetery charges
    Develop a set of lesson plans for a specific audience on an area of Chevrah Kadisha work