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A Contemplation Isaac Pollak Kehillath Jeshurun Bulletin New York, New York
The Washer and the Washed: Bound in Sacred Duty Lynn Greenhough Sh’ma Victoria, British Columbia

Friends for a Holy Journey

The Final Act of Loving Kindness

Rochel Berman
Hadassah Magazine Westchester, New York and Boca Raton, Florida
Dignity Beyond Death: The Jewish Preparation for Burial Boca Raton, Florida
Preparing the Dead Diana Bletter Tablet Western Galilee, Israel
Preparing for Jewish burial – the 7th of Adar Toby Katz Cross-Currents Miami, Florida
Ties That Bind Michelle Friedman BeliefNet New York, New York
She is Pure Kathryn Engber This Jewish Life Onalaska, Wisconsin
With Woman, With Life Tova Hinda Siegel Mikvah.org Los Angeles, California

Washing the Dead


Foreign Bodies

Jenna Zark Minneapolis, Minnesota
Escorting the Dead Gloria Blum Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Dignity in Life, Dignity in Death Juliet Spitzer Ritualwell.org Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Last Kindness Ruchama King Feuermand New York Times Clifton, New Jersey
Honoring the Body: Taharah – audio Rebecca Sheir Third Coast Library Iowa City, Iowa
Taharah: A Personal Look at the Jewish Way of Death and Burial Varda Branfman Aish Denver, Colorado
Tahara: An Ancient Jewish Ritual for the Dead Lisa Halpern Nursing Center Hartford, Connecticut
Performing the Tahara Carol Abadi JewishMag.com Miami, Florida
Facing impermanence Rachel Barenblat
Velveteen Rabbi North Adams, Massachusetts
Setting aside the Super Bowl, just once, for a holy act Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz San Francisco JWeekly New York, New York and Montreal, Quebec
Taharat haMetim: A Personal Perspective Simone Sofian Journal of Reform Judaism Lancaster, Pennsylvania
The KI Chevra Kadisha Rochelle S. Elstein   East Lansing, Michigan
Jewish Funerals: A Ritual Description Professor Ruth Langer  Boston, Massachusetts 

Love Songs To The Dead: The Liturgical Voice As Mentor And Reminder 

Catherine Madsen Cross Currents New York, New York
Preparing the Dead for Life’s Final Passage Ronna Kabatznick Shefanetwork Berkeley, California
Why I Joined Our Chevra Kaddisha Judy Freudenstein My Jewish Learning Riverdale, New York

Description of Taharot Procedures

on the site of Steven Ross Weintraub Chelm.org San Antonio, Texas

The Torah My Father Taught Me – A Ritual That Bound a Father and Daughter

Francesca Lunzer Kritz

Forward Silver Spring, Maryland

The Work of “The Holy Committee” in Performing a Jewish Tahara  

Eva Strauss-Rosen,  Katarzyna Rolzinski, Zena Marks, Helen Sizemore Grace Millennium Ukiah, California

A Slice of Life – The Greatest Mitzva  

Mildred L. Covert  L’Chaim New Orleans, Louisiana

Chevra Kadisha: Jewish Burial Society  

Andrea Sommerstein  Innernet Richmond Hill, New York

A Piece of My Mind – The Holy Society 

Joel Stein, MD  JAMA Boston, Massachusetts

A Z’chus to Live and a Z’chus to Die  

Atara London Grenadir  Breslov Center Norman, Oklahoma and Brooklyn, New York
Sheets   S.L. Wisenberg Cortland Review Chicago, Illinois
The C.K. Van   Pat Franklin  Alexandria, Virginia

Jewish Burial Practice

Athol Ofsowitz Institute of Texan Cultures Houston, Texas & South Africa
Burial-society Volunteers Find ‘Spiritual Elevation’ in Task Ruth Novice 
Andrew Scharlach
San Francisco JWeekly San Jose and San Francisco, California
Dead and Alive  – performing tahara prompts a rush of emotion Pessie Busel Novick Moment Magazine Dallas, Texas
Respect for a Sacred Society 

Body And Soul

Burial Society  –  audio

Rabbi Elchonon Zohn



National Public Radio

Queens, New York
Jewish Burial – A Study in the Psychology of Healing Dr. Batya L. Ludman Association for Death Education and Counseling Halifax, Nova Scotia
Final Touches Nancy Kalikow Maxwell Reform Jewish Magazine Miami Shores, Florida
Hevra Kadisha: The Final Mitzvah Rabbi Mel Glazer United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Iris, Cleansed Rebecca Jensen