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Selected Teshuvot related to death, burial, and mourning

from the CJLS (Committee on Jewish Law and Standards) of the Rabbinical Assembly and

the Va’ad Halakhah (Law Committee) of the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel (shown below as “Masorti”).

Source Subject Title with Link Reference Year Author
CJLS Organ Donation Organ Donation After Cardiac Death  YD 370:1 2010 Leonard Sharzer
CJLS Organ Donation Ad Heikhan Hu Bodek? — Contemporary Criteria for the Declaration of Death YD 370:1 2004 Daniel S. Nevins
CJLS Organ Donation Organ Donation YD 336. 1999 Joel Roth
CJLS Organ Donation Organ and Tissue Donation Card YD 336 1996 Joseph Prouser
CJLS Organ Donation Chesed or Chiuv: The Obligation to Preserve Life and the Question of Post-Mortem Organ Donations YD 336 1995 Joseph H. Prouser
Masorti Organ Donation The Donation of Bodies to Medical Schools YD 349:1-2; 357:1   Gilah Dror 
Masorti Organ Donation Organ Transplants and Donor Cards YD 349:1-2; 357:1   David Golinkin
CJLS Suicide Suicide YD 345:2 2005 Kassel Abelson
CJLS Suicide Assisted Suicide YD 345 1997a Elliot N. Dorff
CJLS Suicide Statement on Assisted Suicide YD 345 1997b  
CJLS Tahara I Shall Sprinkle Pure Water Upon You and You Shall Be Purified: A Question of Taharah
YD 352:3 1998 Ben Zion Bergman
Masorti Tahara The Tohorah Ritual YD 352:4   David Golinkin 
Masorti Tahara Tohorah for those who Died of AIDS YD 352:4.   Simchah Roth 
Masorti Funeral The Participation of Women in Funerals YD 359 1986-7 David Golinkin
CJLS Funeral A Statement on Funerals in the Synagogue YD 353:3 1983 Ben Zion Bokser
CJLS Cremation Cremation in the Jewish Tradition YD 348 1986 Morris Shapiro
CJLS Burial of Non-Jews Burial of Non-Jewish Spouse and Children YD 367:1 2010 Kassel Abelson and Loel Weiss
CJLS Burial of Non-Jews Bury Him, Yes, Bury Him – A Concurring Opinion to Paul Plotkin’s “Burial of Jews Practicing Christianity”
YD 345:5 1998 Myron S. Geller
CJLS Burial of Non-Jews Burial of Jews Practicing Christianity YD 345:5 1994 Paul Plotkin
CJLS Burial of Non-Jews Peaceful Paths: Burial of Non-Jews in a Jewish Cemetery Following a Common Disaster YD 367:1 1994 Myron S. Geller
CJLS Burial A Matter of Grave Concern: A Question of Mixed Burial YD 367:1 1991 Ben Zion Bergman
Masorti Burial The Burial of Non-Jews in a Jewish Cemetery YD 367:1   David Golinkin
Masorti Burial Burial in a Coffin in Eretz Yisrael YD 362:1   Pesach Schindler 
Masorti Burial Engraving on a Gravestone a Name Which Was Added During an Illness YD 335:10   David Golinkin
CJLS Disinterment Exhuming the Dead YD 363 1996 Myron S. Geller
CJLS Mausoleum May a Mausoleum Be Used for Jewish Burial? YD 362:1 1983 Morris Feldman
CJLS Mausoleum The Use of Mausoleums for Jewish Burial YD 362:1 1983 David H. Lincoln
Masorti Mausoleum Layered Burial and Burial in Mausolea YD 362:1   David Golinkin
CJLS Mourning Saying Kaddish for Twelve Months, A Valid Alternative YD 376:4 2008 Richard Plavin and Mayer Rabinowitz
CJLS Mourning Welcoming Mourners on Shabbat YD 400:1 2000 Baruch Frydman-Kohl
CJLS Mourning Converts Mourning the Death of Close Relatives YD 374:5 1998 Joel Rembaum
Masorti Mourning Women and the Mourners’ Kaddish YD 376:4 5749 David Golinkin
CJLS Missing Persons Ritual of Mourning When a Body is Not Recovered YD 375:7 2001 Kassel Abelson and
Mayer Rabinowitz
CJLS Missing Persons On the Status of Missing Persons YD 397 1987 Isidoro Aizenberg
CJLS Pregnancy Loss What Should Jewish Practice Be Following a Stillbirth? YD 340:30 1996a Stephanie Dickstein
CJLS Pregnancy Loss What’s In a Name?: A Concurrence and Dissent on the Ritual Practice Following a Stillbirth YD 340:30 1996b Ben Zion Bergman
CJLS Pregnancy Loss What Should Be Jewish Practice Following the Death of an Infant Who Lives Less Than Thirty One Days? YD 374:8 1992a Stephanie Dickstein
CJLS Pregnancy Loss Kiyyam Li: A Dissenting Concurrence YD 374:8 1992b Avram Israel Reisner
CJLS Pregnancy Loss Response to Miscarriage YD 340:30 1991a Debra Reed Blank
CJLS Pregnancy Loss Response to Miscarriage: An Alternate View YD 340:30 1991b Amy Eilberg
CJLS Pregnancy Loss Mourning for a Newborn YD 374:8 1987 Isidoro Aizenberg
CJLS Pregnancy Loss Treatment of the Loss of a Fetus Through Miscarriage YD 340:30 1987 Isidoro Aizenberg