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Home  »  The Palm Beach County Board of Rabbis Statement on Menorah Gardens Cemetery

The Palm Beach County Board of Rabbis
4601 Community Drive
West Palm Beach, FL  33417

It is the task of Rabbis to participate in the betterment of the world, known in the Jewish tradition as tikkun olam. Surely easing the pain of mourners, paying honor to the dead, and teaching the moral values that Judaism espouses are such examples.

“At a meeting of the Palm Beach County Board Of Rabbis held April 10th,  we have resolved to partner with concerned synagogue members to alleviate the pain that has been caused to mourners in our community as a result of what has occurred at the Menorah Gardens cemetery”, said Rabbi Stephen Pinsky, the board president.

Pinsky continued, “We will work together to both educate the Jewish public and ensure that Jewish values take precedence above commercial interests  during the burial process. We call upon SCI, those representing the current class action lawsuit and the Attorney General’s office to meet with us to learn what insights Judaism has to offer.”

To this end the Board Of Rabbis appointed a special committee which will examine models from other communities and consider action that can be taken here.  The Co-chairmen are Rabbi Leonard Zucker and Rabbi Jack Riemer.

For more information contact Rabbi Alan Sherman, Executive Vice President, Palm Beach County Board Of Rabbis at 561-478-0700, ext.159. E mail: alans@jfedpbco.org