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Rabbi Stuart Kelman

Netivot Shalom

Some suggestions given the unique circumstances this year.  Some of these tips came from a document produced by the editors of the Mahzor.

  1. Take a piyyut and spend some time focusing intensely on it. Examples: Adonai Melekh – p.84; Ki Hinei KaChomer p. 227; Lekh B’simcha p.418
  2. English readings that may resonate more this year:
    1. A Morning Prayer p.37 (on being alone)
    2. Unify our Hearts p.76 (work we can do even though we’re apart from one another
    3. The Thread p.155 (what connects us is something larger
    4. Entering Community p.202
    5. Standing before God (merle Feld) p.204
    6. Belief p.319
    7. Meditation p.419
    8. Spiritual Security p.421
  3. Arvit
    1. Kiddush Hashanah p.20-23 (great place to add your own meditations)
    2. Rosh Hashanah At Home p.29-32
  4. Shaharit
    1. Brief quote by Heschel on gratefulness p.90
  5. Shofar Blowing
    1. Prayers of Brokenness and Wholeness p.115-116
    2. Prayers for our country and Israel p.117 (especially this year)
  6. Musaf
    1. Unetaneh Tokef p.143-144
    2. Kadya Molodowsky poem p.163-164 about the fear of those unknown to us
    3. Prostration – Aleinu p.154 physical movement to express deep feelings
  7. Yom Kippur
    1. Poem by Saul Ansky p.326
    2. Tefilah Zaka p.203
    3. Heneshamah lach p.225 –consciousness of our body
    4. Ki heneih kahomer p.227 human vulnerability
    5. Meditation on human life p.228
  8. Yizkor
  9. Musaf – Prayers for Gemilut hesed p.335
  10. Neilah
    1. Avraham ben Yitzchaq p.392 calls us to dream of a better world
    2. Piyyut p.410 What gates do we want opened this year?