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Service at the Consecration of a Tombstone

from pages 241-247 of Death and Bereavement – A Halakhic Guide by Rabbi Abner Weiss


1. Ashrei – Psalm 1:1-1:6 – Happy is the man

2. For a man: Mi Yaaleh – starts with Psalm 24:1-24:5 – Who may ascend

3. For a woman: Aishet Chayil – Woman of valor

4. Shamrani Ail – Guard me O God

5. 23rd Psalm

6. Adonay maon – Thou hast been a dwelling place

7. Dirshoo Adonay – Seek ye the Lord

8. Enosh cechatzir – As for the man, his days are as grass

9. Eulogy

10. Kaddish

11. El Malay Rachamim