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Conference Poster Sessions for an In-Person Event

A Poster Session is an opportunity to display and discuss your on-going research or a field of exploration, or a book, art project, or new approach to teaching or helping people. It’s a means to expose new concepts to people so you can gain support or exchange ideas to help the new concept develop.

Unlike a PowerPoint presentation, the Poster Session is simply present for people to read and ponder throughout the conference. In addition, during specific hours of the conference you will have the opportunity to be present at your poster to explain and discuss it with attendees.

Your poster should not only include an overview and some details about your topic but include a prominent reference to a web address where attendees can find out more information, contact you, and explore this topic further. Generally, the poster display area does not have room for tables of handouts or business cards or books.  But you can certainly include these things in the conference bookstore/shuk display area.

Below are some general guidelines for conference Poster Session entries.  For help in creating your poster, the Colorado State University website has a very good primer on research-related posters here.


Poster Content Guidelines

  • Your topic should be related to Jewish death practices, rituals, and skills involved in this holy work
  • Your presentation should be readable by attendees standing a few feet away from the poster (fonts and layout need to be accessible and appropriate for reading from a short distance)
  • Posters will be displayed foam boards resting on free-standing easels. You can tape to the board or bring everything mounted on a large sheet of paper and mount that to the board, whatever works best for your display
  • Your poster display must fit into a 36”x48” area (the size of the foam board) – you can display it horizontally or vertically as desired
  • We will provide tape for mounting to the foam board


Submitting Your Poster for Acceptance to the Conference

To request a space for poster display at the conference, fill out and submit the Conference Poster Application form. Your request will be reviewed, and acceptance will be communicated via email. All poster requests must be received no later than a month prior to the start of the conference.


Schedule of Poster-Related Events at the Conference

For an in-person event starting on Sunday evening and running through Wednesday noon, the following gives an idea of how the poster sessions will be handled:

  • Poster display setup: Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Poster display unattended viewing: Sunday 5:00pm through Wednesday 12:00noon
  • Attended Poster Sessions: Monday and Tuesday evenings 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Poster display teardown: Wednesday 12:00noon – 1:00pm


Contact for Questions or Concerns

          Rick Light


Poster Session Application Form

Conference Poster Session Application