Kavod v'Nichum and Gamliel Institute provide resources, education, and training along the Jewish end-of-life continuum: from visiting the sick and pre-planning, to care for the body after death, to providing comfort to the mourners.
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Mining Our Tradition:
Spiritual Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic

A series of four seminars/discussions that speak to current challenges being faced by individuals and families in light of the pandemic.

April 26, May 3, May 17, May 24, 2020

See the video recordings of the Zoom sessions; fill in the form below for access.

                    • April 26: The Challenge of Caring for a Loved One in Age of Isolation
                    • May 3:    The Challenge of Resource Allocation/Rationing
                    • May 17:  The Challenge of “Where Is God in This Pandemic”?
                    • May 24:  The Challenge of Creating New Liturgy for New Realities of Care and Mourning

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Mining Our Tradition 4-Part Series