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18th North American Chevrah Kadisha
and Jewish Cemetery Conference
Conference Shuk and Bookstore Participation


At our annual conference, Kavod v’Nichum encourages the sale of artwork, books, and other items related to our work.  If you are interested, please complete the  Vendor Participation Request Form Below.


General Information

The bookstore is open at specific times marked on the conference program. We provide cashier who handles all payments and cares for the inventory. Vendors do not check out customers.  Vendors do not need to be present to sell their items. Instead, items for sale are on a list which the cashier reviews upon checkout to find prices.  The cashier keeps track of all sales, and vendors are sent appropriate checks within 60 days after the conference end.

Items sold at the conference must be in good taste.  It is completely at the discretion of the Conference Program Coordinator to decide if an item is inappropriate for sale.  All items must show respect to everyone: all genders, faiths, skin colors, political orientation, etc.  No weapons of any kind are allowed.

The bookstore is usually a room equipped with standard 6-foot conference tables that is locked when the bookstore is not open. Vendors are assigned specific tables and can arrange their items on their tables in any way they like.  We encourage arrangements that are attractive and professional in appearance. Vendors are expected to drop by the bookstore throughout the conference to maintain the appearance and stock at their tables. In the Vendor Request Form below, you must specify how many tables you require to display your items for sale.

If you are displaying artwork and would like to have a “divider wall” – a cloth-covered stand-alone portable cubical wall – on which to hang photos or other artwork, please request this in the form.  We may or may not be able to meet his requirement but will request it from our facility.  If they charge for such things, we will ask you to pay that specific fee.

We ask vendors to help cover the cost of staffing the bookstore. We will set the contribution price in late April.

You can ship items to the conference ahead of time.  Address them as follows, where XXX is your name:

Chevrah Kadisha Conference Bookstore
Hold for XXX
℅ Pat Cluss
6441 Forward Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Bookstore setup occurs on Sunday, starting at noon.  Bookstore takedown occurs Wednesday between 12:00pm and 1:30pm.


How to Become a Vendor

To sell items in the bookstore, fill out the Vendor Participation Request Form Below. Once you have been approved to participate, you will receive an email confirming how many tables have been reserved for you and the specific location of the bookstore in the venue for this year’s conference.

This form is the means through which vendors communicate what items they wish to sell and for what prices.  This information is then transferred into our database and is used as the foundation for sales.  Vendors can update this information any time before midnight, May 30th, 2020.  For updates, please be sure to check the “this is an update of a previously submitted form” box.


Comments, Questions, Concerns

All questions or concerns should be communicated as soon as possible.  We will work with you to achieve an optimal solution.  Please be in touch!

North American Chevrah Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conference
David Zinner, Executive Director
8112 Sea Water Path
Columbia, MD 21045


Vendor Participation Request Form

Bookstore Vendor Participation
Is this an update of a previously submitted form?
How Many Tables Do You Need?

Below, please individually enter each item you will be selling, along with the price for each item.

For books, enter the exact title. For other items, enter a unique name or phrase for each item. These will be used by PayPal to charge correctly.

Items You Plan to Sell