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18th North American Chevrah Kadisha
and Jewish Cemetery Conference
Conference Online Bookstore Participation


At our annual conference, Kavod v’Nichum encourages the sale of artwork, books, and other items related to our work.  If you are interested, please complete the  Vendor Participation Request Form Below.


General Information

Normal procedures and organization of our bookstore do not apply to an online bookstore. So this year it’s pretty simple. Let us know how you want to participate as a vendor in the bookstore, and we’ll do our best to set it up.  If you have questions or concerns, contact us!


How to Become a Vendor

To sell items in the bookstore, fill out the Vendor Participation Request Form Below. Once you have been approved to participate, you will receive an email confirming your participation as a vendor this year.

The form below is the means through which vendors tell us what items they wish to sell and for what prices.  This information is then transferred into our database and is used as the foundation for sales.  Vendors can update this information any time before midnight, May 30th, 2020.  For updates, please be sure to check the “this is an update of a previously submitted form” box.


Comments, Questions, Concerns

All questions or concerns should be communicated as soon as possible.  We will work with you to achieve an optimal solution.  Please be in touch!

North American Chevrah Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conference
David Zinner, Executive Director
8112 Sea Water Path
Columbia, MD 21045


Vendor Participation Request Form

Bookstore Vendor Online Participation

Below, please individually enter each item you will be selling, along with the price for each item.

For books, enter the exact title. For other items, enter a unique name or phrase for each item. These will be used by PayPal to charge correctly.

Be sure to email a color photograph of each item to rlight@Jewish-Funerals.org, named the same as the item, so all items can be shown in the Conference Bookstore online.

Items You Plan to Sell