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Sharing 2020 Conference Recordings
within a Chevrah Kadisha

Conference attendees who paid full price for the conference receive access to all the session recordings. Those who paid less than full price for conference registration price receive access if they “upgrade” for $72 (via the Recording Registration Page, using the discount code sent via email). All full-conference registrants should have received an email with recording access information.

If you wish to share these recordings with your Chevrah Kadisha, read below. If you did not attend the conference and wish to view the recordings, simply register through the Recording Registration Page for access.

It is important to share the conference recordings with members of your Chevrah Kadisha. This is especially true if your chevrah covered your costs.

In an attempt to balance fairness with accessibility, we have developed the following approach.

  1. Recordings are for the use of the person who purchased them. We ask that you do not share the email with instructions and password that was sent to you describing access to recordings.
  2. Recordings can be played and shared in a Zoom session, where the recording purchaser plays the recording for chevrah members via the Zoom call.
  3. Recording purchasers who want to share actual recording files with their Chevrah Kadisha members should complete the form below.  We will work with you to arrive at a fair way to share the recordings.


Sharing Recordings with CK Members Form
I am interested in sharing